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Statement from 23 Former Wake County Board of Education members

This is a statement by 23 former Board of Education members, Democrats, Republican, and Independents alike, representing an over whelming majority of Board of Education members who have served the past 30 years. Jack will be guided by the responsible, researched, and reasonable principals expressed in this statement in making decisions about education. It’s time we quit picking sides, and work towards the shared goal of improved student achievement.

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Press Conference Statement
April 26, 2010

Former Board of Education Members have come together to support the Wake County Public School System. We want to join with others in the community to ensure an equal opportunity for a sound basic education for every child in Wake County Public Schools.

Former County Commissioner Jack Nichols Seeks to Return

February 26, 2010
For Immediate Release
Jack Nichols 272-1141
Perry Woods 608-3080

Raleigh – Citing concerns that Wake County is moving backwards, former County Commissioner Jack Nichols filed today seeking to return to the Board. Nichols, 58, previously served on the Board from 1990 to 1994.

I'm Jack Nichols, candidate for County Commission in Wake County.

Wake County became my home in 1978, and since then it has grown and changed dramatically. That change has brought many wonderful people and jobs, but also many challenges. I am committed to finding solutions to these challenges so our community will remain a great place to live and our children will enjoy even greater opportunities than we have.

That’s why while previously serving on the Wake County Board of Commissioners I fought for our schools and to protect the Falls Lake watershed. It is why I co-founded Wake County SmartStart and served as its first Chair, and it is why I am looking to return.

Serving in government is about listening to people and developing policies that are fair and make sense. The Board of Commissioners requires an ability to build coalitions, and work together to get things done. These skills are my strengths.

I want this campaign to be a conversation. Thank you for taking the first step -- visiting my site. I invite you to read more about my experience and vision and to contact me to talk about the issues that are important to you.

Together, we can make Wake County even better – not just bigger.

Thank you

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